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Elevate your website traffic from Pinterest with Ink Wavers

Pinterest has become the second-highest source of traffic. After the HCU update for some websites, it’s the number one traffic source. A strong Pinterest presence isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

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Why Pinterest in 2024?

Pinterest can indeed be a valuable traffic source for several reasons. Pinterest’s unique features, audience demographics, and consistent traffic potential make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking to drive visitors to their websites. 

Longevity of Pins

Unlike most social networks where posts have a short lifespan, Pinterest pins continue to get views and shares over time. A well-crafted pin can remain relevant and drive traffic for an extended period. It’s closer to achieving that impact than other social platforms.

Designed for sharing

Pinterest was designed explicitly for sharing visual content. Users actively seek out exciting pins to repin and share.

This constant sharing behavior contributes to the longevity of pins and the potential for increased visibility.

High earning audience

Approximately 41% of Pinterest users earn over $75,000 a year. This demographic makes it an attractive platform for businesses to reach financially stable audiences.

Effective traffic referral

Early research indicates that Pinterest is more effective at steering traffic back to websites than other social media sites, including Facebook.

Niche Relevance

If your business can create visually appealing content related to your niche, Pinterest can be a powerful tool. Whether you’re a blogger, service-based brand, or e-commerce site, Pinterest offers opportunities to showcase your products or services.

Consistent Traffic

Pinterest’s algorithm is less unpredictable than Google’s. While Google’s search algorithm can significantly impact website traffic, Pinterest’s algorithm tends to be more stable, providing consistent referral traffic¹.

How it works?


First, Research & Growth Plan

We will conduct holistic research, website, and niche from an SEO perspective.

Make a growth plan for the entire month

Pin Ideation and research


Second, Create Visuals

Brainstorming design ideas

Finalize texts over images

Get pin images ready


Third, Schedule and Optimization

Optimize title and pin description

Schedule optimally

Account Activity

Fourth, Pin repin and follow

At this stage, we pin repin and schedule regularly.

Regular certain account activity helps to grow followers.

The growth plan

To amplify your Pinterest presence, drive more traffic, and engage with a broader audience, Inkwavers Pinterest Growth Service is your go-to partner. Let us take the wheel and manage your Pinterest account, and you’ll see why our clients consider us an integral part of their growth partner.

Audience Research

We dive deep to understand your target audience, ensuring your pins reach the right eye.

Pinterest image creation

We will design eye-catching pin images to keep your account fresh and attract more followers.

Monthly growth report

Stay informed with detailed reports outlining your account’s performance every month.

Publish & Schedule Pins

We perfectly time your pins publishing and scheduling for optimal visibility and engagement.

Trend campaigns

Stay ahead of the curve with pins that capitalize on the latest Pinterest trends.

Re-Pin regularly

We will operate a regularly controlled re-pin to maintain a high level of engagement and more.

We are not done yet – Offering Diversified Support

Your growth will ensure our business growth. We will grow only if your website grows over time. So, we are offering a diverse level of support to ensure your future growth.

Growth Support

We will share growth strategies via ebooks, regular newsletters, and DMs; we will answer your questions anywhere you are stuck.

Community Based Support

You will be a part of a vibrant community where many passionate people like you will help each other, and our support members will be there, too.

Plans and pricing – Monthly

We are running an early bird campaign, and the price might increase in our next campaign.


$XXX / month

100 New pin designs / Month

Proper audience research

Proper Pin research

5 Follow relevant profiles/day

5 Re-pin / day

Properly scheduled new pin

New pin post-optimization

Profile optimization

Monthly account audit report

1 Pinterest account management

Community access

Proper Trend campaign

most popular


$XXX / month

300 New pin designs/month

Proper audience research

Proper Pin research

Proper trend campaign

10 Follow relevant profiles/day

10 Re-pin / day

Properly scheduled new pin

New pin post-optimization

Profile optimization

Monthly account audit report

1 Pinterest account management

Community access


$XXXX / month

1000 New pin designs / Month

Proper audience research

Proper Pin research

Proper trend campaign

25 Follow relevant profiles/day

25 Re-pin / day

Properly scheduled new pin

New pin post-optimization

Profile optimization

Monthly account audit report

Up to 2 Pinterest account management max

Community access


My Pinterest account traffic has quadrupled in three months, and engagement is through the roof.

– Lindsay Gregory

Stellar service, Pinterest management, and growth service have been game-changers in our online presence. They’re professional, innovative, and results-driven. Highly recommended

– Damon Didier @Win at E-commerce

Faq – Frequently asked questions

Q. How soon can I see results from your Pinterest management?

Although results may vary, most clients typically observe engagement growth within the first month. This growth tends to increase over time. Notably, significant improvements often become evident after six months of consistent effort. Additionally, the more pins you create, your engagement levels will likely be higher.

Q. Explain the monthly cycle

The cycle will begin on your subscription confirmation date. We send you the monthly report on the 28th day of each month.

Q. May I request a refund?

Please note that once your billing cycle commences, refunds are not available. This is due to the fact that we initiate our services immediately at the start of the billing cycle.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel in any month. But we request to continue for at least six months to see the results.

Once I cancel my subscription, can I resubscribe?

Yes, you can. However, while we offer an early bird campaign with discounted pricing, we cannot guarantee the exact pricing for the next subscription.

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